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Our staff - The Global Alliance for Animals and People

Program Director


Elena Garde DVM, MSc

Elena was born and raised in Canada, moving to Chile for family and professional reasons in 2009. She has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Canada and a Master’s degree in International Animal Health from the University of Edinburgh.

Elena began her career working with wildlife in Canada, including such species as badgers, bighorn sheep, elk, foxes and muskox. As a result of this work, she realized that many of the problems these animals face are a result of human disturbance, activities, growth or their domestic animals. From there, she began her line of research and passionate interest in disease ecology, public health and interactions between humans and animal communities.

In Latin America, she has developed a special interest in the issues surrounding free-roaming domestic dogs and their impacts on people, livestock and wildlife. As the Program Director and co-founder of the GAAP, her goals are to develop long term sustainable programs addressing the complex issue of free-roaming dogs.

Program Coordinator


Guillermo Pérez BNRSc, MSc

Guillermo Pérez was born and raised in Chile up to the age of 18 and then spent most of his adult life working and studying in Canada. He has a technical diploma in Forestry from Sir Sandford Fleming College, a degree in Natural Resource Science from Thompson Rivers University and a Master’s degree in biology from the University of Saskatchewan.

Guillermo’s professional career started in 1993 in the remote wilderness of northern Canada working in forest management and bird conservation issues. With his strong advocacy for hands-on, inquiry-based learning and problem solving skills, in 2009, he moved back to Chile to work on mitigating conflict between animals and people in marginalized communities.

At the GAAP, Guillermo’s professional interests focus on the ecology and biology of animals pertinent to the different communities in which we work. As a program coordinator and founder of the GAAP, Guillermo is dedicated to pushing the organization forward towards achieving its vision.

Associate Veterinarian


Angélica Romero, DVM

Angélica Romero was born in northern Chile and lived most of her life in Santiago. She studied veterinary medicine at the Universidad Austral de Chile, and is currently enrolled in the Master of Education program at the Universidad Austral de Chile, specializing in Educational Policy and Management.

Angélica discovered a holistic, creative and trans-disciplinary way to apply her profession. She enjoys using her artistic skills as a tool to disseminate critically important information about wildlife conservation and the responsible ownership of pets.

Angélica currently works as a veterinarian at The GAAP. Her experience within the organization has allowed her to combine her passion for veterinary health with her interest in the areas of visual arts and education, working not only as a vet but also producing and developing educational materials and programs for the GAAP

Veterinary Assistant


Marina Muñoz Arre

Marina was born in Valdivia but lived most of her life in Coyhaique, where she grew up surrounded by animals in her parent’s farm. After finishing high school, Marina attended Law School for four years until she decided to drop out to pursue other interests.

Marina then spent a year and a half traveling around South America where she encountered many different people and cultures. It was one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences of her life. After her trip, Marina came back to Valdivia where she worked a few different jobs before joining the GAAP in early 2016. “I had always wanted to be part of an NGO. I always wanted a job where I felt like I was making a difference”, she says.

Besides her work at the clinic, Marina is very passionate about her hobbies. She enjoys music, arts and crafts, and juggling.

Communications Manager


Nicole Grandjean Burgos

Nicole Grandjean was born and raised in Valdivia. She studied Journalism for three years before leaving to pursue a degree in Visual Arts. In 2012 she graduated as a visual artist, specialized in Sculpture.

Nicole’s interests center mostly on arts, literature and social issues. She has worked as a freelance copy editor, translator and make-up/special effects artist for several local horror productions. She has also done voice work, including voice-overs and two radio shows.

Currently, Nicole works at the GAAP as Communications Manager, handling the GAAP’s social networks and website, producing promotional material, newsletters and writing stories about the organization’s work in Latin America.

Organizational Development and Relationships Manager


Sara Elizabeth Clark, BA, MS/MALD

Sarah is a native Californian, and has lived in many different parts of the US, Latin America and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Science degree in Agriculture, Food & the Environment from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy, and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Sarah’s professional career path has centered on public health, natural resources management/conservation, and animal welfare – areas which are all united under a deep sense of concern for the wellbeing of others and the world around us. She has worked for non-profit organizations, private consulting firms, and government agencies. In her varied experience, Sarah has always possessed a passion for “systems thinking” and bringing together diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors to overcome common challenges.

As Organizational Development and Relationships Manager, Sarah is dedicated to expanding the impact and reach of the GAAP by identifying new project opportunities, cultivating new relationships, and developing long-term strategic directions for the organization.