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Aliece Dorsch

Aliece met Elena Garde, (director and co-founder of the GAAP) while visiting Chile and seeing a beautiful but limping dog she wanted to help. Even before knowing of the GAAP, Aliece and her local vet discussed how an organization like GAAP could be beneficial. In the GAAP, Alice found exactly what she was looking for.

Her love for animals was always clear; all of her earliest pictures seemed to include a young Aliece and a dog, a goose, a bird, a snake, a horse, etc. Aliece says, she’s been working for as long as she can remember and volunteering before even knowing she was doing it.

Over the years and several volunteer positions she’s had, the philosophies that stick with her are along the pattern of community led, grass-roots efforts that aim first and foremost to empower. For Aliece, Donald Driver’s philosophy of “a hand up, not a handout” and Gandhi’s “Be the change you would like to see in the world” are thoughts that come to mind when getting involved in anything. Since there are so many causes out there, she has narrowed her efforts to where her passion lies, which is very in line with the GAAP’s directive. In addition to being a small business owner and a GAAP supporter, she volunteers at her local wildlife sanctuary several hours per week and is now on their Board. Aliece’s hobbies include everything outdoors: running, biking, skiing, swimming, hiking, just to name a few.

Promotion & Public Relations


Bonnie Cavanagh

Bonnie is the Consular Adviser for the New Zealand Embassy in Santiago. Born and raised in South Africa and New Zealand she moved to Chile in 2007. As an avid animal lover who spends far too much time wondering what her beloved dogs would say if they could use WhatsApp, Bonnie firmly believes in and supports the much-needed work and services of the GAAP, to improve the lives of animals and people in the community, through education and accessible and affordable veterinary care, regardless of socio economic levels. Bonnie works together with other volunteers and staff members to identify opportunities for funding and areas of potential collaboration/ partnerships to promote and increase awareness of the GAAP and the work they do.

Rescue Instructor


Thyren Garde

Thyren was born and raised in Canada, but lived for a number of years in Chile. He studied Adventure Tourism at the Sooke Adventure Tourism College and has a wealth of outdoor experience. He is the owner-operator of a kayak company named Agua Brava, a sailing instructor, whale watching operator in the Southern Gulf Islands, and teaches swiftwater , motorized and jet boat safety as well as rescue from vehicles in moving water . He has technical expertise in rope rescue, confined space, and incident command systems.

As a young teenager, Thyren volunteered with the Canadian Coast Guard and there found his passion for helping in emergency situations. From that point onward, he developed his interest in search and rescue and is now a fire fighter with the North Cowichan South End Hall as well as a Wilderness First Responder.

Thyren is involved in developing and teaching rescue courses for the GAAP, together with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, as part of our preparedness planning projects for communities in Chile. Thyren is also one of our first responders for South America, as part of our coordinated disaster response network.

Social Media Manager


Vincenzo Giacalone

Vincenzo is a web developer from New York who graduated from City University of New York, Hunter College in 2011 and has since sought to use his skills to advance non-profits and small business owners. He is currently working in New York and is helping the GAAP with their web design & development.

Social Media Manager


Jamie Imada, DVM

Jamie is a Canadian veterinarian who graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in May 2013. Educated in food and companion animal medicine he is currently working in Ontario Canada and helping the GAAP with their social media exposure. In March 2015, Jamie came to Guatemala to help with the sterilization and vaccination campaign.