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About Us - The Global Alliance for Animals and People
Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals and people.

Elena Garde and Guillermo Pérez, Program Directors
Why we’re here

he GAAP’s work is a continuation of the work initiated by Veterinarians without Borders-Canada (VWB-C) in 2009. In 2008, founders Guillermo Pérez and Elena Garde were invited to investigate the possibility of working together with communities on finding sustainable solutions for the free-roaming dog problem.

The overwhelming need for assistance prompted the immediate opening of a regional branch of the Canadian organization in 2009 registered as Veterinarios sin Fronteras- America Latina. In 2014, a decline in funding support for projects in Latin America resulted in a the formation of the Global Alliance for Animals and People (the GAAP) in April 2014. Located in Valdivia, Chile: the gateway to Patagonia, our office is the administrative location for a number of projects and activities both in-country and in other countries of Latin America. The building also houses our subsidized preventive medicine and education clinic for companion animals.

The GAAP is a global network working in Latin America, dedicated to improving the quality of life of less-privileged animals and people through research, education, veterinary health care and social programs.

The GAAP envisions a Latin America where people live in harmony with animals and the environment; where people recognize the cultural, emotional and economic value that they provide us with, so that they manage them in ways that maintain their states of health, sustainability and functionality.

The GAAP was formed by people and partners across the globe that recognize the importance of maintaining support to people and their animals in Latin America. As some parts of Latin America advance toward states of development, aid funds are increasingly withdrawn and sent to more needy countries in other parts of the world. Latin America still experiences the greatest disparities between the rich and poor on the planet; despite having a higher GDP than other developing areas, they still have higher levels of extreme poverty than the Middle East and North Africa.


Our vision

We envision a Latin America where people live in harmony with animals and the environment.