Applications for Guatemala 2017 are Open!

We are looking for volunteers for our annual campaign in Todos Santos

Every year, the GAAP embarks on a trip to the remote village of Todos Santos, Cuchumatán in Guatemala. Along with a wonderful team of professionals, local and international partners and volunteers, we travel to this community to offer veterinary services and education for one hectic but very productive week

Dogs are the primary reservoir of rabies in the community, and many people live in daily fear of these free-roaming animals. This project has been in operation since 2008, after Todos Santos’ rabies problem became a health emergency. Now, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in these campaigns, the cases of rabies have dropped considerably and Todos Santos is a much safer place. Still, there is so much that can be done!

In time, we have built a close and very rewarding relationship with this community. Every year they expect our visit and are very excited to have us back. We offer a children’s education program that focuses on teaching kids how to be responsible for their pets while giving them the chance to leave the routine aside and participate in fun activities with us, which the children are always excited about.

We are looking for a variety of individuals to help us implement this year’s project in this beautiful community. This is a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity to help those who need it the most.

General Requirements:
  • We need veterinarians, technicians and all kinds of other general help and expertise
  • Everyone must have an adequate rabies vaccination titer
  • Willingness to stay in very modest conditions, share rooms, have cold showers, eat basic and locally available food, and be happy to work long hours for a good cause!
  • Good physical abilities (as there is a great deal of physical exertion in the field – hiking, cold conditions, long days, etc)
  • Excellent team skills
  • Flexibility, tolerance and patience are of paramount importance!!! Imagine having no running water, or no electricity while you are prepping a dog, or in the middle of surgery. What if you are in the middle of surgery and the mayor sends a message that you have to pack everything up and move to a new hall right now? Or you arrive and there are no tables to use for the campaign? These are all realities of working in Todos Santos, and one must be emotionally resilient, and creative in adverse, unexpected and sometimes bizarre circumstances. If you need a predictable and controlled setting to do your work, this may not be the job for you, but if you are adventurous, a strong leader with a willingness to share your knowledge with others, and have a great working team at your clinic….we’d like to hear from you!
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own costs
  • Willingness to fundraise for the project costs is an asset, and we can send you information packages

GAAP Support:
  • If you are accepted as a volunteer, the GAAP will provide ample detail about the trip
  • All reservations for lodging, food and transport in Guatemala are made for you
  • We provide on-the-ground training for the different roles you will fill during the campaign
  • GAAP will provide team members with cultural information documents, information on travel details, safety and health recommendations, advice about what supplies and equipment are recommended, and lists of personal items to bring


Application Process: CURRENTLY COSED

Any additional questions can be directed to info@thegaap.org


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