Basic Pet Care and Behavior Workshop for Children

The children who participated in the workshop were among the winners of our Draw Your Pet contest.


Last month we offered our Basic Pet Care and Behavior Workshop at the GAAP clinic. The workshop included educational activities and games especially designed to teach children about responsible ownership, basic pet care and how to prevent and react to aggressive animals.

The activity was developed by Dr. Angélica Romero, who along with Dr. Elena Garde, brought their own pets to the clinic so the children could learn while interacting with the animals. The kids got to meet Elsa and Holly (Dr. Elena’s dogs) and Fatiga (Dr. Angélica’s cat) plus the kittens currently living at the clinic. Every pet had a different personality and different needs which the children were taught to differentiate.

For the GAAP, educating people about responsible pet ownership from a young age is a priority. We want children and adults to see and perceive animals as sentient beings deserving of love, respect and care, and to achieve this we must educate and encourage empathy in children.

  1. Lorraine Rubin

    September 27, 2017 - 5:16 am

    Would you be willing to visit the Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay to do this class? How much does it cost?

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