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Family Sponsorship Program: Todos Santos 2017

For many of us, one of the best parts of our annual visits to Todos Santos is catching up with the children of our Family Sponsorship Program and meeting new kids from the town. This time, we have amazing news!


Roxana’s new life – Big changes for this little girl!
Dr. Elena and Roxana reunite after a year apart.

Dr. Elena and Roxana reunite after a year apart.

When we met Roxana two years ago, she was one of many children working to support their families in Todos Santos. At the time, she was shy and a little withdrawn- in fact, she seemed to be much older than she was, with the weight of the world already bearing down on her little shoulders. In 2015 she became part of the GAAP’s Family Sponsorship Program and headed back to school. Now, every year we anxiously await our arrival in Todos Santos to see how she is doing. When we arrived in Todos Santos, Roxana saw our van right away and ran up the hill to greet us. When she saw Dr. Elena (GAAP Co-Director), she ran to her and gave her a big huge emotional tear-filled happy hug! She’s changed so much, it’s hard to believe this is the same little girl we used to know, full of worries and tired from work. Roxana is now a lively 15 year old, who laughs freely, hangs out with her girlfriends, plays sports and does very well at school. And she was a great help during the vet campaign! Seeing this change in her was truly incredible. We shed a few tears talking to her, knowing she is now back in school doing what she loves. Roxana no longer works; she goes to school and plays soccer with her friends like any other kid her age. And we couldn’t be happier!

You can read more about Roxana’s experience going back to school HERE.


Amy and María’s Magical Bond.
Amy and María

Amy and María

The bonds between our volunteers and children from the community are life changing. Amy Kantor is a veterinarian from New York, and she has been a familiar face in Todos Santos for the last three years. Amy is not only a valuable part of the team during our annual veterinary campaigns but she is also sponsoring a brilliant little girl from Todos Santos.

Amy and Maria met in 2015, when María was just 8 years old. Despite the language barrier, the bond they shared from the start has persisted through the last two years. Amy was immediately charmed by María’s bright nature, and after meeting her family and seeing how difficult it was for them to make ends meet, she began sponsoring María.

Last month, we interviewed Amy to find out what made her connect to María’s story. You really should take a look at her interview- it is heart-warming and truly inspiring!

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Roberto is Going to the US! – Sharing his Mayan Roots
Roberto and his mother.

Roberto and his mother.

We have amazing news about Roberto! He will be traveling to the US with a binational exchange program run by AJEDE in two weeks to share his experience as a Mayan child living in Todos Santos. He is one of five youth chosen to represent Guatemala during the three-week program in which they’ll visit Washington D.C., Michigan and Florida.

Congratulations, Roberto!!

The gals from GAAP-Canada bought a new wardrobe for Roberto so that he won’t freeze when he arrives in the US, along with a few extra goodies for Mario and Cristino. The boys all dressed up in the clothes they brought and modeled each and every item for us! They were so funny! One item of clothing, obviously unsuitable for the boys’ regular dress, was a suit vest. Funny enough, Cristino and Roberto’s little brother grabbed the vest and wore it every day for the rest of the week and probably wore it to bed too!

You can find out more about Roberto and the new challenges and adventures ahead of him, HERE.


Mario and Cristino are committed to helping future generations.
Mario and Cristino helping with the animals.

Mario and Cristino helping with the animals.

h the younger ones. Together with Guillermo (GAAP Co-Director) and the help of a bunch of YouTube videos, they learned how to make balloon animals that they then made with hundreds of other kids at the Community Day! It was so much fun, and funny as well! The boys are a hoot- they have great senses of humor and we are constantly laughing around them!

Mario and Cristino are both part of our program and they’re also best friends. This year, they were great help setting up the clinic and helping with the animals. Both young men have been together throughout the entire experience of becoming part of the program and going back to school, and they are now in college learning how to become teachers. We are just so proud of them!

Mario and Cristino are great kids, and they are so grateful for the opportunities they’ve been given. Read more about their experience being in the Program and their commitment to the GAAP and the people who’ve helped them HERE.


Wanna join us next year in Guatemala?

Join us for a new adventure in Todos Santos!

Come with us for a 10-day experience, which includes veterinary services, children’s education, fun activities and overall a great and incredibly rewarding experience in this remote and beautiful community in Guatemala.

We need ALL kinds of people- not just vets and techs!! Are you a teacher? Secretary? Carpenter? Musician? Want to participate in the project of a life-time? Just apply HERE.

Click HERE for a review of all the activities from this year’s visit.

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