Monthly Sterilization Campaign: August 2016


As part of our Dogs Trust/the GAAP joint monthly sterilization campaign, this August we visited Corral (a small seaside community near Valdivia) for a second time.

To get to Corral, we first drove to Niebla where we then took the ferry. After fighting quite a bit of seasickness during the ride, we finally reached our destination: a very old and, according to what we were told, apparently haunted building that once served as Corral’s hospital. There, we set up our temporary operating room.

The owners, who had previously signed up their pets to be sterilized, filled out the forms as the team started preparing the patients. Once everything was set, the real work began.

Working under unusual conditions is not new to the GAAP team, but it is always a challenge. Everyone must be ready to get in on the action and help out whenever it’s needed. This is why working as team is so important for us.

There are many rural communities near Valdivia where access to veterinary services is extremely limited. In fact, almost every pet we sterilized during our campaign had never received any sort of veterinary care before. This can be a real issue for small relatively isolated communities like Corral, where ignorance about responsible pet ownership and lack of access to veterinary services can lead to serious health problems for both animals and people.

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