Photography Exhibition in Punucapa

In a community event that involved local food, classical music and a children chorus, the photographic work from the “kids with cameras” project was shown for the first time in Punucapa.



Creddit: Asociación Cultural 7Colores

“Kids with cameras” is a cultural and educational project,implemented in partnership with Veterinarians International and the support from Fujifilm. The main objective of the project was to introduce children to their everyday environment and specifically with animals living in their community through photography. To accomplish this we have teamed up with local photographer Carlos Johnson that taught the kids about photographic techniques and how to create stories through images.


Creddit: Asociación Cultural 7Colores

After two months of weekly theoretical and practical workshops, the end result was a selection of more than 10 beautiful photographs that captured the everyday life in a rural community looked through the eyes of the kids.

The final selection was showcased for the first time ever at the Christmas Concert, with music from the CIFAN Youth Orchestra and local cuisine from the community. After a touching speech from Elena, each kid received their own diploma certifying their participation in the project.

The whole community, and specially the kid’s families, were very proud of their work and dedication.


You can see the final selection right here.

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