Responsible pet ownership & Rabies prevention workshop

A while back we told you about the “NO MORE TRASH! […]” collaborative project, which includes a full program of workshops, events, training and education on environmental and pet ownership responsibility. Through this project, we seek to rescue the wetland, encourage outdoor activities and contact with nature, as well as respect for the environment.

This past Friday October 2nd it was time for the GAAP to educate the families from the community about Responsible pet ownership and, since a couple of days before the World Rabies Day (October 28th) was celebrated, we decided to include Rabies prevention as well.

Through the Education Program from our Veterinary Clinic in Valdivia we organized a free workshop open to all the community. Everyone, children and adults, had a full afternoon of games, a puppets show and basic dog care. Many families came with their own pets, all with proper leash and some of them even with dresses!

The interest of the community in the event exceeded all our expectations, while many of them didn’t have a clear notion of preventive medicine and disease prevention, we feel that by the end of the workshop everyone understood the importance of keeping their pets vaccinations and deworming up to date, not only for them, but for the entire community.

This workshop was part of the the “NO MORE TRASH! We want a clean park and wetlands rich in biodiversity and responsible care of pets” , financed with the Environmental Protection Fund (FPA), in collaboration with CIFAN (Integrated Child Family Center) and YoSustento. We’d like to thanks everyone that made this workshop possible, wether it was by donating gifts, collaborating with diffusion or lending us the puppets; we and all the families that attended are very gratefull.

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