The GAAP’s First Anniversary

As we told you a little over a week ago, we celabrated our first “brithday” on may!. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by! When we first started we were only two people, and in such a short time, we have become a full team of professionals and volunteers- each of whom have been critical in the development of the organization and its projects.

Thanks to the contributions made by our donors and partners, we have been able to advance with our ongoing projects in Puerto Natales (Chile) and Todos Santos (Guatemala), as well begin new projects in Valdivia (the GAAP Clinic) and disaster relief throughout Chile.

This video was made to thank each one of you that has been a part of our first year. You can see some of the things we have done through our projects, all possible because of your support.

To celebrate our first birthday we organized a full day of activities. Friday 29th was our big Anniversary Day!. First our associate veterinarians, Drs. Daniela and Constanza, performed an entertaining afternoon of “Open Clinic” in which participants learned how to determine the body condition and listen to the heart of their pets!

And then it was time for our anniversary cocktail attended by Board Members, Directors, friends, volunteers and donors. We are very grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us: without you nothing we do would be possible.

Here are some pictures of what was our big day. Special thanks to Holly and Elsa, our very patient furry asistants.

You can see the rest of the photos in this album on our facebook page. Don’t forget to like us!

Thank you very much! and here’s to another year! Cheers!!

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