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An Update on Dulce - The Global Alliance for Animals and People
Dulce’s Long Road to Recovery

Remember Dulce? He was one of the horses rescued from the wildfires in central Chile earlier this year. At the time, Dulce was severely injured. He had burns all over his face, body and hooves. When he first arrived at the temporary shelter in Doñihue, he was scared and in pain and, after determining the extent of his injuries, he was evacuated to the Andrés Bello Veterinary Hospital. The IFAW-GAAP team carefully loaded Dulce in the trailer and drove to the hospital in Santiago, hoping he would get the medical attention he needed. There, Dulce's burns were treated and he began the slow process of recovery.

Now, six months later, Dulce will continue his rehabilitation… with us, in Valdivia!

Finding a place for him wasn't easy. Before the emergency, Dulce had a home and an owner. His owner lost almost everything in the fire; most of his land was burned to the ground and more than 60 of his animals died. Right now, he lacks the means to take care of Dulce’s special requirements.

While many of the rescued animals were being returned to their families, Dulce's future was still uncertain. He had spent months under the dedicated care of the Andres Bello team, but his time in hospital had come to an end. Dulce needed to find a place that was appropriate for his specific needs, where he would be able to fully recover, and where he could be under the watchful eyes of a veterinarian and a therapeutic farrier. He is only 2.5 years old, so given the proper care and time to slowly grow back his damaged hooves; he could have a very long and happy life ahead of him. He will always bear the scars from the fire, but he is a sweet and gentle fella that just needs a second chance.

After many conversations and phone calls, it was agreed that Dulce would continue his rehabilitation under the care of the GAAP’s own veterinarian: Dr. Elena Garde. A special place was prepared for him with soft dry footing, plenty of quality food, space to exercise, and a friend to keep him company! Last week he was shipped to Valdivia and has already had his first visit from the farrier, who is now completely enamored by Dulce’s story of survival and hope.

We were so happy to see him again! So much has changed; his recovery is still in progress but he is so much better than the last time we saw him. And he’s still the sweetheart we met back in February!

Dulce still has a long road ahead of him, and we still can’t tell for certain what will happen to him in the future. For now though, he has a comfortable place, veterinary care and the love of the people around him!

Dulce in February

If you’d like to support Dulce's rehabilitation, click HERE and select “Disaster Relief”. Dulce thanks you in advance!!!