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Do you have access to veterinary medicine and equipment? If so, our wishlist is for you!

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Glove, Surgical Size 6.5
Glove, Surgical Size 7
Glove, Surgical Size 7.5
Scalpel Blades #10
Surgical Caps
Surgical Masks
Suture, PDS 0, 2-0 and 3-0 (taper or cutting)
Suture, Vicryl 0, 2-0 and 3-0 (taper or cutting)
Surgical Glue, Vetbond
Surgical Gowns (all sizes)
Surgical drapes
Surgical wraps
1ml syringes (without needle)
3ml syringes (with or without needle)
5 or 6ml syringes
12ml syringes
20mls syringes
35ml syringes
50ml syringes
60ml syringes
2” vet wrap
4” vet wrap
2” gauze squares
4” gauze squares
2” cling wrap
4” cling wrap
1” medical tape
IV Catheters 22Ga
IV Catheters 20Ga
IV Catheters 18Ga
IV Lines, Macro 10 drip
IV Lines, Micro 60 drip
IV Extension Sets (luer lock)
IV Fluids (NACL, LRS)
Sterile water

Needles, 20Ga x 1
Needles, 20Ga x 1 1/2
Needles, 22Ga x 1
Needles, 25Ga x 1

Surgical Scrub (Chlorhexidine skin cleaner)
Autoclave tape
Autoclave indicators
Autoclave Paper tubing roll
Muzzles, S, M, L,
Exam gloves S,M,L
KY Jelly
Mayo scissors
Needle drivers
Towel clamp
Kelly forceps curved and straight
Spay hooks small
Scalpel handles
Mosquito curved and straight
Adson brown forceps
Pack wraps and surgical drapes (cloth or disposable)