Donate to The GAAP

Vet Clinics - The Global Alliance for Animals and People
The GAAP Clinic is a new clinic, focusing on preventative veterinary care. The clinic provides education and care to animal owners from poor communities. We invite you to help support this vital work.

What is the Idea?

We’re building our Global Alliance…and we need you! Your vet clinic can play a crucial role in the development of humans and animals in Latin America. We invite your clinic to join our family of fundraising supporter clinics. There’s plenty of benefits and ways your clinic can help!



– Your clinic advertised on The GAAP’s website as part of our family of vets
– Your clinic advertised in The GAAP’s newsletters, social media and other areas
– Show you care! You can advertise your support to all your clients
– A warm, fuzzy feeling inside!


Ways to help

– Display our brochures
– Add Donation Box (provided by the GAAP)
– ‘Donate a Dollar’ – give clients an optional add on to their bill, with all proceeds going to The GAAP
– Hold support days – for one day every month, hold nail trimming days/ dental health month where proceeds are donated to The GAAP
– ‘One for one’ – every time you sell flea/tick treatment, match it with a flea/tick donation to The GAAP
– Deceased pets donation info-sheet – sensitive info-sheet for owners who would like to remember their loved animals through donating
– Spay/neuter – for every spay or neuter ask your client if they would like to donate $1 to GAAP’s spay/neuter work.
– Matched giving – the clinic matches the financial donation given by each customer
– Profits donation – a simple donation of a small amounts of profit per year (e.g. 1% donated to The GAAP)
– Your ideas! – we’d love to hear any inventive ideas you have for fundraising


Your Clinic Pack can include

– A video to play on your televisions to show your support
– Displays and posters that can be shown to your customers on notice boards
– A Family of Vets (The GAAP) donation box for your reception area
– Brochure stand with The GAAP’s brochures
– Certificate of support to display in your clinic
– Signup sheet for your supporters to subscribe The GAAP’s e-newsletter
– Stand up banners about GAAP/Family of Vets
– Other The GAAP goodies for your clinic!