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A new life for Juanito Pérez

In the neighborhood around the corner from the GAAP Clinic, there was2015-10-19 17.06.48 an old woman that lived by herself with her dog. One day the woman passed away; her family took possession of her house and belongings, and decided that the dog was of no use to anyone. So they took him away and dumped him somewhere on a country road. The neighbor, Don Fernando always wondered what happened to that poor dog whose owner died and then was taken away- such a terrible betrayal for a loyal dog!

One day he saw a dog outside his gate. The dog was in such a state that it took a while to realize that this was indeed the old lady’s dog! He had found his way back to his old home that was now sold, with a new family living there. But he was a completely different dog. Covered in cuts and wounds, emaciated, terrified of people and almost no hair left on his body, he waited quietly, like a shadow, outside his old house.

Don Fernando has already rescued 4 dogs and just couldn’t take anymore in. But he couldn’t stand to see a dog in such a sad and terrible state. Slowly he began earning the dogs trust back. He says that no dog should be nameless, so he started to call him Juanito Pérez, which is the same idea as “John Doe”. Finally after many weeks of patient feeding, he was able to touch Juanito, and then gently put a collar and leash on him. Then he brought him to the clinic for his first treatment.

When Dr. Muñoz first saw him, she was shocked at just how IMG_1962-01much pain poor Juanito was in. She quickly diagnosed a severe case of sarcoptic mange and started treatment, but could not even touch his back or hind quarters. Every week, Don Fernando religiously came to the clinic with Juanito, and on each visit, he grew more and more friendly. Gradually the lesions healed, his hair started to grow back and his lovely personality started to emerge.

We see Juanito Pérez in the street now and again, and he gallops up to us, filled with joy. We always have a treat ready for him, and he even comes to the clinic now for his regular visits and treatments- by himself!! Juanito is a lovely dog, and his story fills us with hope for his future. Soon he will be neutered and we are looking for a happy, forever home nearby so that he can continue to come see us regularly. He has become part of the GAAP story.


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