An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: the value of preventative medicine


Treating medical conditions that arise is a necessity – but can often turn into quite an expensive one. To
avoid these sudden, potentially crippling expenses, medical professionals are increasingly
recommending preventative treatment and medicine for humans as well as pets.
One example is the adorable spaniel Balto, featured below.

preventative medicine

Being treated preventively rather than reacting to when his infections are bad will keep Balto as comfortable as possible


This charming dog has bounced around from clinic to clinic as veterinarians try to “cure” his chronic ear and eye infection. These infections, which were mildly uncomfortable at the beginning, have become so painful now that Balto can no longer stand being touched around the face. Balto’s owners, neighbours of the clinic, have spent a significant amount of time and money trying to cure Balto, purchasing lotions, ointments, antibiotics and other medications in the hope of vanquishing his ear and eye infection.

Balto is now a patient at the clinic, where he has been placed on a health program, which encourages his owners to bring him in bi-monthly for a regularly check-up, cleaning, and overall maintenance care. This health program will ensure that Balto will be treated regularly for ear and eye infections rather than waiting for him to be in excruciating pain. The health program will also help cut down on medical costs for the owners, and potentially even eliminate the need for drugs. The end result? A happier Balto and his respective owners. This is the power of preventative medicine – restored health, fewer drugs, and more economically feasible.


preventative medicine

Happy doctor and patient!


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