Children explore the Valdivian rainforest

How do you get your community involved in, and excited about environmental awareness?  It may seem an easy task when the people you are teaching have a solid environmental background and there is broad social consciousness, but what happens when your audience does not have any of those? At the GAAP we believe that best way to develop consciousness, awareness and respect for the environment is to take people OUTSIDE and PLAY.

To do this the GAAP is focusing on the future; the children. One of the GAAP’s projects covers educational outreach with group home children to bridge the gap between humans and the environment. Our team of teachers and biologists accompanied 12 children to Oncol Park, a natural reserve in Southern Chile, with a unique temperate rain forest environment. The aim was for these children to develop an appreciation for NATURE. For them to explore, run, smell, touch, hear and experience… The teachers also squeezed in some basic knowledge on flora and fauna identification, but finished the day swimming in the cool stream behind the picnic area. It was an incredible experience for ALL. One of the teachers said that it was the most relaxed she had ever seen the children…she couldn’t believe that they were the same kids she sees everyday in the group home. At the end of the day, everybody was sooo exhausted but they all wanted to do it again. It was definitely not a typical day and the GAAP was glad to share these special moments with them.


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