CIFAN needs our help!

This past July 30 the offices of the CIFAN fundation suffered a terrible fire. 11221509_954719847903403_1798280184836130236_nIt destroyed their children’s home, where 9 kids were currently living, part of their offices and the rehearsal room of their children’s orchestra.

CIFAN was created on march 1993 with support from the Diocese of Valdivia. Their main objective is to work for the rescue of children in social risk. When they first started, they were actually taking the kids from the streets and helping them with shelter and education.

In 1996 they created their first Prevention and Rehabilitation center located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Valdivia. Kids from 5 to 16 years stay in this center for up to 2 years, where they have family life, with afective and psicological support. They also have a Residence for infants and toddlers from 0 to 6 years, where abandoned and neglected children are taking care of. They work hard to ensure family reintegration of these children.

In 2002 they created their Children´s orchestra, a preventive program that promotes social integration and cultural11174720_1553545154907217_8232203122361405062_o education in vulnerable children and teens. In more than 10 years they have achived amazing things, such as touring through Italy, performing for presidents and won scolarships for their best musicians.

The fire hits them really hard, they lost their offices, rehearsal room and 9 kids lost their home. But the community has come together and in an amazing act of kindness they have gathered all the basics for the 9 children that are currently living in a temporary home. From clothes to school supplies and beds, they have everything for the next few months, but they still need a home!

The GAAP has been working closely with CIFAN for the last year in their project “No more Trash!”. They have given so much for so many years, and now they’ve lost almost everything. They need help to rebuild their Prevention and Rehabilitation Center and Offices to keep helping children in need.



To donate please do so in these accounts
Bank: Banco Santander ChileFor Euros: 051-00-01921-5
For Dolars: 051-43-00003-8
Name: Obispado de Valdivia
Adress: Calle Maipu 168 – Valdivia, Chile
RUT: 70.355.300-1
Mail: contacto@cifan.cl
Or go to http://www.cifan.cl/nosotros/formas-de-ayudar/aporte-monetario/

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