Civic Responsibility

Does community involvement mean good citizenship?

The GAAP’s mission is to find locally-attainable, balanced and sustainable solutions for the challenges and conflicts they face when managing lands and animals. Responding to the call of social responsibility, the GAAP allied with several neighborhoods in Valdivia to analyze the proposal of the building of a new bioenergy plant within the city limits.

Caring for the environment is a huge part of our philosophy, as every person, cat, dog, and all wildlife depend on having healthy spaces readily available and we wanted to be sure that future impacts of this building will not have serious negative impacts on the wildlife and wetland habitats downstream. The citizens were worried that the new plant did not complete a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impacts that will be associated with the production of biofuel and demanded more clarification on the process and more rigid requirements before building.

Several NGOs are involved in the process to help the community to ask the right questions and identify the potential environmental hazards linked to building, waste disposal, and emissions of this new plant. The GAAP was invited to participate. After completing a thorough review of the company’s environmental process, we will be submitting our recommendations to the Ministry of Environment.

We’ll let you know what they decide!!

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