Disaster relief, creating connections

At The GAAP we’re always planning ahead, trying to foresee the needs poster_disastersof our different projects and coming up with new ways to keep improving them and to benefit more people and their animals.

One of our ongoing projects has kept us quite busy this month. As many of you know, Chile is a country prone to disasters. As The GAAP we work together with IFAW to improve the animal response.

Given the history of disasters in the country, people here recognize the importance of preparation and action for the human response, but not too many know what they should do regarding their pets. This is an issue that we’ve been working at for a long time. See our poster hot off the press that we’ll be distributing to partners!

Another part of disaster work is getting everyone working together toward a common goal when disaster strikes. During the first week of June, The GAAP directors went to Santiago to attend a number of meetings about this topic with other NGOs, government agencies, veterinarians and animal organizations. As a result of these meetings, we are slowly building a team of like-minded individuals and groups that want to work together on improving the related education, preparation, response and follow-up for animals and disasters.

We are hoping that all the connections created in those meetings will produce great results to keep helping the people and animals of this country.


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