Dulce (“Sweet”) is the name of one of the horses we took in yesterday.Dulce is as adorable as his name. He is a young little stallion, probably around 8 months. He was rescued out of Santa Olga, badly burned and visibly in pain. This morning, he wouldn’t stand up and we were very concerned for his health. The vets put a catheter in and gave him some fluids. Eventually he was able to stand up and we decided the best option for treatment would be to move him to a clinic where he could receive intensive care. Dulce was in so much pain, exhausted and scared, it took the team a long time to carefully and safely load him into the trailer.

We took Dulce to the Andrés Bello Veterinary Hospital (Santiago) where their vets performed a complete check on him. Additionally, they performed an endoscopy to see if his trachea and larynx were burned. Both his trachea and larynx looked healthy and, although he has severe burns and his feet are sore, we were told he should fully recover from his injuries. Dulce will stay in Santiago, at an Equestrian Club that is sponsoring his recovery costs. Veterinarians at Andrés Bello donated their time free of charge.

We are thrilled Dulce has a safe place to stay and will heal from his injuries both emotionally and physically.

We will follow his progress and keep you posted.


New Update:

Dulce has been eating and he looks really good. He had x-rays taken and is now in recovery. He is going to be there for a while as the kind of injuries he suffered take a long while to heal. But he’s doing really well. We even went in the stall with him and had a little cuddle. He’s just so sweet!


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