Greener and cleaner Wetlands in Valdivia

At The GAAP we have a commitment to protecting the welfare and quality of life of animals and people. That includes safe and free access natural spaces, such as parks, rivers, forests, etc. Valdivia is known to have many wetlands throughout the city, some of them are protected and well maintained, but most of them are contaminated with garbage and waste.

These areas are severely damaged, polluted and abandoned, from both an urban perspective and ecological point of view. They are used for dumping trash, cut firewood and as a venue for horses and cows, they’re also frequented by stray dogs. All this can have serious consequences such as the spread of diseases between human and animals (zoonosis).

One of our team members, Dominique, along with CIFAN (Integrated Child Family Center) saw this problem and decided to do something about it. They gathered a multifaceted team of people and organizations with the same concerns and got the financing from the FPA (Environmental Protection Fund). A10842299_905712626137459_6344570961309441256_ond so, earlier this year, the “NO MORE TRASH! We want a clean park and wetlands rich in biodiversity and responsible care of pets” project was born.

They chose a wetland located between three big neighborhoods, two of them consisting of mainly poor families, right next to CIFAN. The goal of the project is to improve the life quality of the community surrounding the wetland.

To achieve this they have a full program of workshops, events, training and education on environmental and pet ownership responsibility. Through this project, we seek to rescue the wetland, encourage outdoor activities and contact with nature, as well as respect for the environment.

So far, we have done a Cleanup day and a Games afternoon where we invited everyone in the community. Both activities had a great response, we are hoping more, and more people come to next events.

The GAAP will be hosting the next event, as we are in charge of educating and training people on responsible pet ownership. We’re really looking forward to that!

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