Inspired minds, welcoming new graduates to the GAAP

Dr Patricia Lechten visited the GAAP clinic this past week to help assist the clinic’s two new veterinarians. Drs. Daniela and Constanza have just recently joined the clinic and are eager to get to work. With the help of Dr. Patty and Dr. Elena they had the opportunity to learn and practice new surgical and medical techniques that they had not previously had exposure to.

The two new veterinarians complement each other very well. They are just an amazing team! The veterinary industry needs this infusion of “new blood” to help spur curiosity and further learning into how we can better improve the lives of our animals and our communities. New graduates are constantly bringing fresh ideas and stimulating discussion and questions to veterinary practice.


Elena and Patty Daniela and Constanza the new graduates





Here is a brief interview with the two graduates:

How many surgeries were performed this past week? 18, dogs and cats.

What was the most difficult surgery? We had a street dog that had had many litters of which none had survived.

How did this experience change you? I feel more secure of myself and more experienced.

How did this experience affect you emotionally? It was a very positive experience! Drs. Patty and Elena were very helpful and kind!

What did you think about Dr. Patty? She was very humble and sympathetic. She explained everything to us, and would answer even the simplest of questions. 

How did the clients like the service at the GAAP Clinic? Everybody was very appreciative of our work and understood the benefits to their pets… although more females than males pets arrive at the clinic, we hope this will change over time- that owners of male dogs will also realize the benefits of neutering.

What do you think about the outcome of your work? Just a grain of sand … very little national impact, we need to work harder to increase the scale. 

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The GAAP is very excited to have both Daniela and Connie with us, with their help we hope that we can provide even better assistance to our clients and patients!

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