Jaime’s story


Toby and Jaime

Jaime and Toby having fun!

Jaime is a client of the GAAP. He came in with his dog Toby and his cat Gringo Chico. Here are their

Gringo chico at the vet clinic

“Gringo Chico was born at our home, from one of our females. He suffered an accident when he was
little: a wooden beam was dropped on his head! He survived, but had some very serious problems
getting around. Luckily he recovered well from his physical injuries after a long recuperation, but his
sense of direction is still not good. But he does just fine, lives a happy life; he’s a good cat. Today Dr.
Garde examined him and determined that his heart is good, he’s in good body condition, and is in good
spirits! He got his annual shots. I guess Gringo Chico will be with us for a while!”




TobyHis dog is named Toby. Years ago they lived in a suburb of Valdivia, and one day a big yellow dog was hit
by a car outside their house. Their neighbours who owned a hardware store rescued him and took him
to the vet where he had a cast put on his broken leg. Eventually he recovered from the fractured leg, but
then it seems that the neighbours lost interest. The dog was tied on a short lead to a tree in their
backyard. Many times they forgot to give him food and he hardly ever had water available. He never left
the yard. Sometimes they would go away on vacation and leave the dog tied up with no food or water.
He would howl and cry all day long and so they started to feed him. “Eventually he learned to jump in
our yard when he needed food and that’s when our friendship began. After a few years, we decided to
move away, but we couldn’t leave Toby there. So my dad and I took Toby away when we left, and that’s
how he became our dog. He is a beautiful big fella! “





image_4At the GAAP Clinic, our focus is on preventive medicine. Through regular physical exams, annual
vaccinations, and of course spay and neuter of pets, we emphasize the importance of maintaining
health, preventing common diseases and detecting problems before they become untreatable. We
enjoy spending time with the clients and their pets, hearing stories just like this one about Toby, and
helping when we can by teaching them about simple ways in which they can improve the health and
welfare of their animals.

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