“Kids with Cameras”

We have some exiting news to share with 12189436_550960665059229_1791819458612340983_oall of you; the GAAP has recently come together with Veterinarians International to implement a one of a kind project that will bring people from both hemispheres closer.

The project will take place in Valdivia (Chile) and New York (United States) at the same time! We want to see the role dogs play in the daily lives of children from their own perspective, and to contrast the differences and similarities in the relationships and realities from both countries. To accomplish this we have teamed up with local photographers Carlos Johnson and Leslie Hassler that, in a period of five weeks, will be teaching the kids about photographic techniques and how to create stories through images.

The end result of the project will result in a collection of the best photographs taken by the kids, that will be celebrated at an exhibit in both Valdivia (December, 2015) and New York (February, 2016)

Check some pictures from the first class here!


Project objectives

To educate children about cameras and photography through theoretical and experimental techniques.

To educate children about disease prevention, self-protection against dog attacks, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership.

To share their photographs and videos with the world, to tell the story from the perspective of the children and dogs.

Thank you to Fujifilm who has generously donated the cameras.

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