Street dogs

Did you know that the majority of dogs that you see in the street in Latin American countries
(such as these two) have owners? People care for their dogs differently here, for example they
are not allowed in the house and generally care for themselves. Some dogs are loosely “owned”
by a neighbourhood meaning that everyone cares for them and feeds them when they have a bit

But things are changing!

Even in the 5 years that we have been here, we’ve seen a notable
increase in the number of people that take their dogs out on a leash and more and more interest in
learning about responsible dog ownership. People are tired of having packs of unruly and often
dangerous dogs in their streets, threatening the residents and their livestock.

We know that a lot of our supporters have adopted pets who may have been used to roaming free
or were found as strays, so we want to know: What are your best tips and tricks for transitioning
a dog from the outdoor life to home living? We would love to share your insights with the people
of our community and your comments could help us make a difference!

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