Volunteer Viewpoint – Armaan Chandra

By Emilia Hull


The Global Alliance for Animals and People was lucky enough to have four volunteers from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania come for a period of three weeks to help fine-tune the business inner workings of the GAAP this past spring. This partnership was facilitated by the GAAP’s partnership with Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC) group.


One of the volunteers, Armaan Chandra, is currently a graduate student at the Wharton School of Business. Armaan is interested in both international relations and business, particularly the idea of incentivizing development by aligning the goals of firms with development issues.

Armaan was first attracted to GAAP from their “passion to improve the conditions of animals and people in Latin America”, which was clear to him from the “multifaceted projects described on the website.” During his time here at in Chile, he learned more regarding the “status of animal welfare in Latin America” as well as the “persistent high levels of income inequality in the surrounding areas, a condition that is rarely highlighted in media overseas.”

Furthermore, his experience working closely with the GAAP gave him 11406363_10207099370148497_7957615843324471844_oinsight into the everyday challenges of running an NGO in a foreign country – no easy feat! Armaan noted that he observed that the GAAP was doing “extremely well at impacting the communities it works in,” and “effectively serves pets and their owners in the local area.” He said that they fulfill their mission as “not only are animals helps, but people are educated in responsible ownership and community living,” effectively fulfilling the GAAP’s twofold mission.

Armaan spent his time analyzing the expenditure and income at the GAAP to determine how best to maintain financial stability. This analysis was complicated and lengthy, but Armaan commented that he and the team “felt that the numbers [they] produced were some of the most useful statistics that [they] were able to share with the directors.”

Though Armaan is back in the States now, he hopes to continue supporting the GAAP in their endeavors, and plans to return to South America in the near future to further explore the sights, the foods, and the culture.

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