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The way to Todos Santos

My trip to Todos Santos

In late March I will be heading to Todos Santos to help with the Global Alliance for Animals and People (GAAP’s) spay, neuter and vaccination campaign.
In the time leading up to the trip I have been practicing and reviewing surgical techniques as well as fundraising to get myself there and buy supplies for the campaign.
To be quite honest I’m a bit nervous! Being a (relatively) new graduate, this will be my first veterinary trip abroad. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, it was part of the reason I entered veterinary medicine. This particular opportunity offers me the chance to make big changes to a community that struggles daily with the issue of free roaming dogs. Through education as well as vaccination and sterilization we can help stop disease spread as well as reduce risk of dog attacks.
I consider myself extremely fortunate, as a veterinarian I have the chance to help communities abroad as well as the people close to home. In travelling to Todos Santos I have the opportunity to experience another culture as well as learn tips, techniques and different methods from the colleagues I will be travelling with.

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written by Jamie Imada

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