Will Christmas come for Charlotte?

A couple of days ago, the GAAP clinic had a really sad case which we want to turn into a happy ending, but we need your help.

photo4It was Thursday Dec 18th in the afternoon and time for Charlotte´s 2pm appointment. Her owner called a few days ago asking for help. Charlotte, she told us, is in dire need of a clip and clean-up. It all sounded simple enough, but when she showed up, the shock was palpable. Never had we seen a little dog in such rough shape. She was completely matted; big lumps of mats covered her face, legs, body, and tail. There were also signs of blood, possibly a cut, on her left front leg, but it was so matted and dirty that is was hard to tell what was wrong. All we could see is that the paw was so swollen that the toes were spread wide apart.

Dr. Muñoz started clipping, lifting great carpets of matted, filthy, flea-infested hair away to expose a tiny little body underneath. The fleas were big and slow moving; they had probably never seen humans before! When Dr. Muñoz finally made her way down to the left leg, the paw was dark and hard. She rolled Charlotte onto her back, and the leg fell away from her body, lifeless, and with no sensation in her toes.  It appeared that the dog´s own hair had become twisted around her lower leg, forming a snare that tightened over time, and cut off all circulation. There was nothing left to do but amputate! The owner started to cry. She was devastated. She mentioned guilt, lack of money, and no Christmas for her daughter this year. It was a very intense and emotional moment for all of us. Charlotte was rushed to a nearby hospital equipped with everything needed to do the surgery, and our partner Dr. Boroschek agreed to do the surgery immediately.photo3

Would you be able to help Charlotte and her family so that they have Christmas this year?  Charlotte´s owner is a single mother who is fighting to stay afloat and out of depression. Her husband recently left her and her 12 year old daughter alone and with no support. She has no work and very little money. They now live in one tiny little room in the back of a house with no heat. They only have each other. She recently started getting jobs doing wood carving, which is a passion that she had when she was young but had lost as an adult. She found her passion for it again and she is starting to earn a small income from it.

photo2When she heard about the GAAP Clinic, and that help is available for people just like her, she came right away. This is why the GAAP Clinic exists. This owner loves Charlotte, but she also has a responsibility to keep her daughter fed and in school- what a terrible choice to have to make. So we are pooling GAAP donations to pay for the surgery and medication ($250usd), but we would also like to buy them a Christmas dinner ($30), a small Christmas gift for her daughter ($20) and a bag of food for Charlotte ($20) for when she returns home.

Charlotte is now recovering well. Her paw was removed and she is already learning to get around. The GAAP will be caring for her until she is completely healed. We will also be seeing Charlotte every 6 weeks to be sure that she is groomed so that this doesn´t happen again.

If you are in a position to give, please contact us directly at or send your contribution via our website with a note that your donation is for Charlotte. We can work together to make this family have the best Christmas ever!


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