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The GAAP started working in Todos Santos, Guatemala, in 2009. At the time, the community was facing a serious health crisis due to canine rabies. The GAAP responded to Todos Santos’ international call for help and worked on site offering veterinary services and education about responsible pet ownership. This one-time experience developed into our Todos Santos Project, which includes an annual veterinary campaign and children’s education for the community, as well as a Family Sponsorship Program that offers financial support to vulnerable families and a yearly scholarship for their children. Through the years, we have formed a strong bond with the community. And now, we’re getting even more involved with Todos Santos through our GAAP Store. Mayan textiles are a traditional art form that has been essential part of Mayan culture for thousands of years. We chose to offer these products through our web store as a way of bringing attention to this beautiful tradition as well as a benefit to the community. All the products on this page have been woven by women of Todos Santos, they were bought there and all the proceeds from your purchase of these pieces through our GAAP Store go directly to support the GAAP’s projects in Todos Santos.