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Valdivia, Chile - The Global Alliance for Animals and People
Our head office and veterinary clinic is located in one of the most beautiful cities of Chile: Valdivia.

Our main project in Valdivia is the the GAAP veterinary clinic

The Place

Valdivia is the hub of operations of The GAAP. Not only does it house The GAAP's head office and clinic, it acts as our management centre for all our projects in Latin America

Valdivia is tucked away in a temperate rain forest, it is surrounded by rivers and close to a rugged and wild coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It has mountains, open meadows, large and small wetlands and a magnificent view of a string of volcanoes in the Andes mountain range. Valdivia is not only attractive and enjoyable because of its natural beauty but also because of its rich history.

The People

It continues to be home for the Mapuche, the aboriginal people of this land. Within the last few hundred years, the area has been inhabited by Mapuches, Chileans, Spaniards, Germans, and the Dutch, giving it a unique cultural flair.

The large German immigration in the 1850´s and 60´s, however, has been one of the biggest influences to date. This can easily be observed in the architecture and cuisine of the region. Immigration has not been the only event that has molded this beautiful The GAAP veterinary services & animal hospital in Valdivia, Chilecity. In 1960, Valdivia was the epicenter of the largest ever recorded earthquake in the history of man-kind, recorded at a 9.5 on the Richter Scale. This earthquake gave birth to a wetland of international importance that encircles the city.

The GAAP in Valdivia

Our main project in Valdivia is the the GAAP veterinary clinic, located in the same building as our office. We also work with a host of stakeholders and other veterinarians to influence national and regional policy related to animal welfare and urban fauna control, and bring educational activities to schools and other related public events.