The Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of animals, people and the environment in the Americas through animal health care, education, research and social programs.


Each year we create detailed reports about our activities and spendings: 2020201920182017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Meet the Team

Elena Garde

Elena Garde

Program Director

Born in Canada, Dr. Elena Garde began her career working with wildlife in Canada. As a result of this work, she realized that many of the problems these animals face are a result of human disturbance, activities, growth or their domestic animals.

Guillermo Perez

Guillermo Perez

Program Coordinator

Guillermo’s professional career started in 1993 in the remote northern Canada working in forest management and bird conservation. In 2009, he moved back to Chile to work on mitigating conflicts between animals and people in marginalized communities.

Angélica Romero

Angélica Romero

Associate Veterinarian

Angélica discovered a holistic, creative and trans-disciplinary way to apply her profession. Angélica enjoys using her artistic skills as a tool to disseminate critically important information about wildlife conservation and responsible pet ownership.

Isabel Maldonado


Isabel was born in Puerto Montt. She studied veterinary medicine in beautiful Valdivia where she now lives and works. She joined the GAAP in July 2018 and since then she’s become an integral part of the team. When she is not taking care of patients at the GAAP Clinic, Isabel dedicates most of her free time to practice her favorite sport: rugby.  

Marina Muñoz

Marina Muñoz

Veterinary Assistant

Marina was born in Valdivia but lived most of her life in Coyhaique, where she grew up surrounded by animals in her parent’s farm. Besides her work at the clinic as a veterinary assistant, receptionist and dog groomer, Marina is very passionate about her hobbies, which include juggling and arts & crafts.   

Eugenia Acciavatti

Dog Trainer & Administrative Work

Eugenia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age she wanted to help animals and improve their lives, and she found a way to do this by becoming a dog trainer. In 2017 she moved to Chile and a year later, she became part of the GAAP. Besides her work with animals, she’s very passionate about art and nature.

Nicole y Pepa

Nicole Grandjean

Communications Manager

Nicole is a visual artist specialized in sculpture. She has previously worked as a make-up artist, freelance copy editor and translator, as well as co-creating and hosting two radio shows for local stations. At the GAAP, she manages social media, creates visual materials and gathers information and photos for stories about cases and projects.



Patricia Lechten


Patricia Lechten is the owner of GAAP partners Allandale Veterinary Hospital in Ontario, Canada. She has been a friend and supporter of the GAAP for a long time, collaborating with their annual vet campaigns in Todos Santos five times. In 2016 Patricia founded the GAAP's first international branch, GAAP-Canada.

Natalie Flammia

Natalie Flammia

Board Member

Natalie first got involved with the GAAP four years ago when Patricia Lechten approached her and asked if she would like to help with a Spay/Neuter campaign in Guatemala. Since then, Natalie has become a supporter of the Family Sponsorship Program, and vital part of GAAP-Canada's work in northen Ontario.

Melissa Payne

Melissa Payne

Fundraising Manager

Melissa is a vet technician at Allanale Veterinary Clinic where she helped develop their low stress handling training. In 2013, Melissa was part of the GAAP's vet campaign inTodos Santos, Guatemala for the first time and has returned each year since. She is now proud to be a part of GAAP-Canada's board of directors.

Nancy Holliing

Nancy Holling

Board Member

Dr. Holling is the founder of Sitka Veterinary Services and she has a strong interest in combining both Western and traditional Chinese veterinary medicines. Nancy’s interest in animal welfare lead her to become the GAAP’s first ever donor. With time, and as the GAAP started to grow, Nancy’s involvement developed and she became integral part of GAAP-Canada.

Thyren Garde

Thyren Garde


He is the owner-operator of a kayak company named Agua Brava. As a young teenager, Thyren volunteered with the Canadian Coast Guard and there found his passion for helping in emergency situations. From that point onward, he developed his interest in search and rescue and is now a fire fighter with the North Cowichan South End Hall as well as a Wilderness First Responder.

Advisors & Collaborators

Aliece Dorsch

Peter Dorsch

Bonnie Cavanagh

Ivan Mir

Irina Mir

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