The Issues

Basic education is a critical component of a community’s development. The potential of the entire community is significantly reduced when a large majority of residents are not educated to a basic level. In a time of increasing change, the ability to creatively adapt to new climates and situations is becoming a survival skill. Many remote communities lack the skill sets required to carry projects and management plans forward. 

As we recognize that knowledge is power, we work with marginalized, remote, and often indigenous communities to support equal access and project-related education for both children and adults.

Our Education

We work with children and families to help them understand the importance of responsible animal ownership such as preventive care, regular vaccinations, and deworming of their animals to protect their own health and local environments. We have school programs and community days for children that focus on personal hygiene, health and safety, and environmental awareness. We develop fun and culturally-relevant education materials and activities for adults and children to help them understand the issues their community faces. 

Educational event in Guatemala
School Day. Todos Santos 2017.
Educational Event in Chile
Canine Behavior Workshop. Valdivia 2017.
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