The Issues

For homeless people, animals are more than pets; they are a source of warmth, mutual protection, and in some cases, their sole company.

We recognize how beneficial the presence of a pet can be for homeless people. We’re also aware that for people in such extremely vulnerable situations,  carining for a pet, or even themselves can be a complex task.

The Project

Through our Homeless People & Pets project in Valdivia (Chile) we provide preventive veterinary care for homeless people’s pets. 

Along with local group Los Caminos de la Vida – an amazing organization that provides meals for Valdivia’s homeless – we make nightly visits to the people living in the streets and perform check-ups on their pets as well as proving them with treatments against parasites and fleas, and dog food.  

Our goal is not only to provide pet care but to prevent animal-human related health problems as well as helping people build healthier realtionships with their pets.

Homeless man and his dogs
A woman and a cat
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