That’s my dog, Taz. He was so happy at the beach. He chased the shadows of birds. Not the actual birds… just their shadows. That’s just one of those funny little Taz-isms that I hold so close to my heart. Even closer now that he’s gone.

Taz was 9.5 years old when he passed very suddenly earlier this year. I still often think I see him waiting for me at the gate when I get home. He loved us almost as much as he loved food. And that’s saying something.

When Tazzy passed, we donated his food to the GAAP and they gave it to an older man who, like so many in the aging population in Chile, just couldn’t afford everything his beloved dog needed on his ridiculously low pension (similar to social security) check.

This year, my gift to the GAAP is in honor of Taz so that they can continue providing services for all animals in need, regardless of their owner’s financial situation.

Do you have a special animal to recognize by giving to the GAAP in their name? Make a gift in their honor below. You know they deserve it, and so do the people and animals here in Chile who it would benefit. Trust me – it feels good to do good for the ones who love us so unwaveringly.


Every dollar that you donate (up to $10,000) will be matched this holiday season!

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