Fuchi and her owners, Amaya and Anastassia

Fuchi (Icky, in English) wandered for a long time before finally finding a home. In fact, she owes her name to the expression people used to refer to her whenever she was seen wandering about in the neighborhood. Fuchi tried to stay in many houses; she would sneak into their yards and always end up being chased away by an angry owner with a hose. You’ll see, Fuchi is not a puppy. She’s not a cute little baby. She’s big. And old. And lovely. It’s impossible to know how many of those long years she spent in the streets, what matters now is that, despite everything, she has finally found a home and a family that loves her.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. Fuchi would appear uninvited in many homes, and the result was always the same: rejection. It happened countless times, until the day she appeared in Catalina’s home. At the time Fuchi was just skin and bones and although she is not really a dog person, Catalina didn’t have the heart to send her away. Catalina’s daughters Amaya and Anastassia loved Fuchi from the moment they saw her. That day, no one kicked Fuchi out of the house. She was allowed to stay, and despite Catalina’s hesitance, the girls secretly gave her food and water until Fuchi herself decided she had found a home, and the family, that Fuchi would become their pet.

Being a senior dog, Fuchi needs special attention and care, which translates into a commitment not every family is willing to make. Fuchi’s new family has taken the responsibility and although it is not always easy, Fuchi now has a place to live and two little girls who absolutely adore her.