Todos Santos is far from everything and everyone and there is no veterinarian nearby. This little old woman phoned Andres, the para-veterinarian who works on our Telemedicine project, to ask for help with her tiny puppy Meca. Grandma Maria knew that the puppy needed basic vaccinations and a health exam, but she was struggling to come up with the funds to pay for the cost of the visit.

She lives in a small single room adobe house, with dirt floors, no running water and no electricity, and so, she was a perfect candidate for a full subsidy thanks to Dogs Trust Worldwide. Andres went to see the pup. Although Meca had a belly full of parasites, and fur full of fleas, she was bright and energetic. She was vaccinated and treated for all her parasites. Andres gave Sra. Maria all the information she needed to raise a healthy, happy puppy and now she calls like clockwork, every time Meca needs her booster. This is exactly what we hope for – that regardless of income, people understand what responsible pet care looks like and they know where to go to. She was so thankful!

Many thanks to Veterinarians without Borders – Canada, Veterinarians International and A Kinder World Foundation for their continuous support and to Clínica Veterinaria Santa Rita for the clinical support on the ground.