Veterinary training in Guatemala

Community Animal Health Worker

The project aims to train a community animal health worker to offer basic veterinary care in this remote community, where access to these type of services is extremely limited. Read more...

An old lady, kid, and dogs in Guatemala

Veterinary Services

The GAAP provides veterinary health and education about appropriate pet care to vulnerable and rural communities. Read more...

Kids in poverty in Guatemala

Family Sponsorship Program

The purpose of the program is to keep children in school and provide financial support to vulnerable households in Todos Santos. Read more...


We offer education about responsible pet care and disease prevention to children and adults through workshops and educational materials. Read more...


GAAP Clinic in Valdivia

We provide equal access to preventive veterinary care for all sectors of the community - regardless of their socio-economic status. Read more...

Disaster relief in Chile

Disaster Relief

Our goal is to work closely with local and national governments to develop appropriate plans for animals and to create a network of trained response professionals. Read more...


Through innovative education and direct contact with nature, we work developing children’s empathy towards animals and the environment. Read more...

Veterinary programs in rural Chile

Rural Services

We provide veterinary services to communities that lack them and suffer from a high prevalence of neglected diseases. Read more...

Animal care for homeless people in Chile

Homeless People & Pets Project

For homeless people, pets are an essential part of their lives. Through this project, we provide veterinary care to their animal companions. Read more...


Our program focuses on educating communities about responsible pet care and the importance of preventive veterinary health. Read more...

Research in Chile


Through our research, we generate valuable information that helps us develop appropriate methods to deal with animal-related issues. Read more...


Patty and Puppy

Veterinary Services in First Nations Communities

The GAAP's first international branch, GAAP-Canada, provides veterinary services and education about appropriate pet care in the isolated and vulnerable indigenous communities of northen Ontario. Read more...

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