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Education - The Global Alliance for Animals and People

There are over 210 million people in Latin America living below the poverty line; More than 35 million people over the age of 15 cannot read or write; many children in rural areas are still being removed from school at very young ages to help support their families.Donate

Stories & Blogs


Rescued from Santa Olga

Dulce (“Sweet”) is the name of one of the horses we took in yesterday.Dulce is as adorable as his name. He i

A Change of Scenery

Valeria Mansilla has been living in Futa for four years now. She never imagined she would end up living in a place

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Plus Ultra

y Nicole Grandjean Versión en español más abajo   Despite what you might be thinking, Plus Ultra is not a brand of

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Buddy

by Pierra Intrevado Versión en español más abajo. Buddy’s personality: 1) Buddy strongly believed that I had given birth to him

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Kelly

y Lindi Cavanagh Versión en español más abajo Sean, at age 6, became the human companion to a little tortoiseshell kitten whom

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Luna

y Elena Garde Versión en español más abajo. As a young girl, I used to dream about horses- the kind of horse

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Kira

y María Isabel Gomez Velarde Versión en español más abajo. From Rag to Riches   In my family, when we tell Kira’

#WhatTheyGiveUs: Lucy

by Magadela Miranda Versión en español más abajo. My story with Lucy is one of those cases in life that if